Lachlan MacGregor Feeds

Boosts protein & energy in ruminating stock.

Reduces fly nuisance in grazing stock.

Balances mineral deficiencies in grazing cattle.

Balances mineral deficiencies in grazing stock.

For healthy hooves in grazing stock.

Boosts fertility in cattle.

Boosts fertility in sheep & cattle.

Staggers protection for cattle.

Staggers protection for sheep.

Mineral bucket for pre-calving cows.

Mineral bucket with added yeast for growing & finishing cattle.

50% protein concentrate for cattle, with live yeast.

Super Cattle with added live yeast.

Full specification mineral, ideal for growing cattle.

Highly palatable mix for sheep and calves.

Protection against staggers with added copper.

Protection against staggers for all stock.

Full specification high phos cattle mineral.

25% magnesium for complete protection against staggers.

Extra High Phos with added health benefits of high vitamin E.

12% phosphorus for fertility and performance.

Mineral nutrition for all pre-calving cows.

All Seasons with added copper.

Mineral nutrition for sheep & cattle.