Repel-Ex™ is the result of development work carried out by the Denis Brinicombe Group that has proved to be a sure way to reduce the impact of flies on grazing cattle.
A new ‘stock specific’ grass silage preservative, aimed at beef producers, has been introduced by the Denis Brinicombe Group as the 2007 silage-making season fast approaches. Called Biophage Beef™, it will encourage stock to eat more of the home produced fodder.
On Monday 19th March 2007 the Denis Brinicombe Group launch, what they believe is the first mineral lick of its type, pre-approved for use by organic stock farmers.
With last years dry weather there was a lot of high dry matter silage made with the subsequential knock on effect of aerobic instability i.e. yeast and mould activity with heating clamps, mouldy bales, production of mycotoxins and loss of feed value.