For both dairy and suckler cows the lead up time to calving is crucial. The management programme during this phase directly affects the incidence of post calving disorders, milk production and reproduction in the post calving period.
In 1982 FSL Bells pioneered the concept of crimping grain in the UK as a way to efficiently utilise home grown cereals in order to guarantee the supply of feed and to control on-farm costs, as well as quality, in the cereal element of any ruminant diet.
The Denis Brinicombe Group has formulated two new products, The Simply Green Fly tubby, and Greenmin Dairy, a granular mineral, to compliment its existing organic range.
The Denis Brinicombe Group has acquired the Scottish based mineral nutrition company Lachlan MacGregor Feeds (formerly trading as Marr & MacGregor Feeds).

Due to the poor quality of much of the forage fed over the winter period to both dairy and suckler cows we could see an increase in the incidents of Grass Staggers (Hypomagnesaemia) on any farm across the UK when stock are turned out in the coming spring.

Today the Denis Brinicombe Group launches an upgraded protected trace element Tubby onto the UK market.

Tub Cattle Protected (Tub CP) replaces Tub CSZ with upgrades in the levels of Protected Copper, Smart Zinc, Selenium in the form of Selenex and Vitamin E.


This new Tubby combines the positive effects on rumen function of Crina™ and live Yeast-Ex™ with a complete mineral, trace element and vitamin package with the added benefits of mycotoxin binders and anti-bloat elements.


The Denis Brinicombe Group has developed two new products as an integrated coccidiosis control programme for ewes pre lambing and lambs post lambing. The two products are designed for use in tandem; COXI-CLEAR™ EWE is used to clear the intestinal tract of the pregnant ewe of coccidia parasites and COXI-CLEAR™ LAMB for continued coccidiosis control in the lamb crop.

The Denis Brinicombe Group launches Thrivon Advance today. A supplement for high production merit dairy stock, it brings together the benefits of protected trace elements, protected vitamins as well as yeast on a molassed base for inclusion in the diet of high merit cattle especially at the growing calf stage.

Running sheep through a footbath can help improve flock welfare, productivity and profitability if completed correctly.

Today, the Denis Brinicombe Group, announce the launch of a new service to all stock farmers aimed at reducing their dependency on high priced cereals for this and forthcoming seasons.
Developed over the past 5 years, with Bluetongue in mind, the Denis Brinicombe Group manufacture two Tubby products, Bug-A-Tub and Tub Fly, which they believe can be use as part of a management programme to help reduce the spread of Bluetongue.
The Denis Brinicombe Group is pleased to announce that they are the sole supplier of CRINA™ NutriPak to the UK cattle industry.
There are only a few days left until October, which can be a dangerous month for cattle when Grass Staggers (Hypomagnesaemia) can occur on any farm across the UK.
The Denis Brinicombe Group want to hear from 10 top dairy farmers across the UK who are looking for ways in which they can improve their overall farm income using the most up to date nutrition technology.
The Denis Brinicombe Group have developed a sheep’s feet management programme combining two of their products. The first is a new addition to the Aquatrace range, Sheep’s Feet Footbath and the second is an upgraded and improved Sheep’s’ Feet Tubby.
This is the question being asked of all dairy farmers by the Denis Brinicombe Group as margins get tighter and milk companies insist on a top quality product at the farm gate.
The Denis Brinicombe Group has just commissioned a new bagging machine at its Crediton, Devon factory that has doubled throughput of dry goods across the Group.
Contamination from soil and rotting grass are just two of the problems facing farmers cutting grass for silage, hay and haylage in the next few months.
The Denis Brinicombe Group launched a high content magnesium mineral lick, pre-approved for use by organic stock farmers, today.