What is Toxoplasmosis?

Toxoplasmosis is a potentially devastating disease that affects pregnant ewes at any time, most commonly during mid to late pregnancy. It is extremely contagious and represents a constant threat to flocks throughout the UK.
What effect does it have on the ewes?

It causes the ewes to abort losing the unborn lambs, spreading the disease further into the flock. Often it is not obvious early in the pregnancy. There is no cure for infected ewes and they can become reluctant to accept subsequent tupping. Unborn lambs surviving the infection are either stillborn or weak, never realising their true potential.

How do the ewes become infected?

This can happen when oocysts [eggs] are dropped on the pasture by cats catching mice that are also infected. One cat can 'lay' a million eggs and each one can live up to and over a year. It is almost impossible for the ewes not to be infected under such circumstances. Bought-in ewes may also bring in the infection. Young un-vaccinated ewes are particularly susceptible

How can it be prevented?

Vaccinating the ewes prior to tupping has been the accepted method for many years. Unfortunately, the vaccine has been prone to a breakdown in recent years and has been unavailable, leaving ewes unprotected. In this situation Deccox is the ONLY alternative to vaccine.

Which product is suitable to treat susceptible ewes?

TUB TOXO (containing Deccox) is the only alternative method of protection. The product is licensed to use for the purpose and it can be used in two ways:

1. By putting TUB TOXO out to all ewes one third into the pregnancy (14 weeks pre-lambing). The animals will lick the surface and it will greatly reduce the chances of infection. In addition it will kill all 'eggs' as they enter the ewe and lower the live population in the actual pasture.

2. At the first signs of any abortion, place TUB TOXO in the field immediately giving the ewes’ access to the product. It will not save the already infected animals, but it will prevent uninfected ewes from catching it. Again it will help to reduce the live egg population by killing all that enter the animals.

For more information on TUB TOXO or to place an order, telephone the Mineral Clinic Advice line free on 0800 374 325.