Manufacturing Excellence

With a complexity of modern, UFAS accredited manufacturing facilities located at various company sites in the UK, B2B Nutrition have an exceptionally wide scope for what is possible.

From straight forward mineral and protein supplements, the capability also exists for the manufacture of detailed formulation products such as multi-vitamin drenches, trace element solutions, liquid joint supplements and micro-nutrient fertilisers.

Whether it is formulating a ruminant product for a specific purpose or designing an equine nutritional aid, the in-house technical team work with customers to turn their thoughts and ideas into stock on their shelves and in turn revenue into their business.

Diverse & varied capabilities

The following provides a non-exhaustive list of the possibilities available:

  • Minerals
  • Protein Concentrates (natural & urea based)
  • Non-molassed buckets & mineral licks
  • Drenches (multi-vitamin & trace element)
  • Syringes (non-medicated)
  • Oil Blending (feed grade oils)
  • Liquid Feed / Molasses
  • Liquid Minerals
  • Trace Element Capsules (bolus)
  • Vitamin / Trace Element Solutions
  • Herbal Blends
  • Amino Acid Blends
  • Macro & Micro Fertilisers (liquid & granular)
  • Solution Preparations (agriculture & horticulture)
  • Trace Element Tablets (water soluble)
  • Molasses Feeding Equipment

 Manufacturing Excellence